Valuation Services Queensland

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Queensland is the 2nd largest state in Commonwealth of Australia. It is situated at the northeastern part of Australia; it shares its borders with the northern territory and southern Australia. As per the latest census, Queensland has a population of more than 5,000,000 people concentrated along the coastal part. Queensland is a home for ten largest cities of Australia and is serves as nation’s 3rdlargest economy. Tourism in Queensland is fuelled largely and is an important industry. The state’s name was named in honor of Queen Victoria, who signed letters patent for the separating of the colony from New South Wales (NSW) in 1859. Queensland Day is celebrated across the state annually on 6th June.

ABS is a facility that comes underthe valuation services Queensland. ABS maintains the Queensland valuation process as well as the sales database; it also provides maintenance related valuations in the following conditions:

  • Changes in planned schemes, local laws or other such government decisions
  • Subdivisions
  • Change of land use
  • Unintended correction of errors
  • Where land becomes rateable
  • Combining and separating of various valuations
  • Public services
  • Damage caused bynatural calamities
  • Loss of rights related to land
  • Where part of the land is ceased to be as rateable.

Specialized advisory services for valuation services in Queensland

  • Valuationsfor land, building, infrastructure type assets
  • Market rental valuationsof residential and commercial uses
  • Ease in making valuationsfor a variety of infrastructure provider
  • Acquisitionvaluations and negotiations
  • Land Courtdemonstration for acquisitions and other such matter


Valuation services in Queensland: The ABS conveyancing and valuation agency is the biggest public sector providing the valuation and property concerned services in the state. It provides yearly statutory valuation services to certain government agencies, and aid’s in maintaining the valuations roll